Yen, Chi-Feng(Taipei Medical University)

We had a medical student from Taipei Medical University (6th grade) for 2 weeks from Feb 24th/ 2014. His name is Mr. Yen Chi-Feng. We had a great time with him. Here is his comment on his stay at our Ophthalmology department, Nagoya University School of Medicine.

Ophthalmology Department’s Clerkship Reflection

In these two weeks, although it’s very short but I learned a lot, not only the clinical knowledge like I’ve learned in Taipei Medical University but also the difficult and skillful technique here. I remembered the last time when we were in the ophthalmology department of Wan Fang Hospital which is one of our three hospitals, at that time, we only saw some very often diseases such as floater, high myopia, cataract, glaucoma or retinal detachment. Nonetheless, in the ophthalmology department of Nagoya University Hospital, I saw some special cases like Marfan syndrome’s ectopia lentis, macular hole and important surgery like strabismus treatment. These are the operations that really impress me and I’ll never forget them! Furthermore, there’re some times that I can operate the simulator for practicing such as cataract surgery, vitrectomy, vitreous membrane removal, LASER for proliferative vessels and slit lamp. These techniques are so important for very ophthalmology surgeons that we should practice a lot. Just like the saying goes“Repetition is the mother of skill. ” and “Practice makes perfect.”. Only if we keep progressing then we can become a master in our field. Finally, I’m very grateful and appreciate to all of the doctors in ophthalmology department because all of them are so kind and passionate to teach me! Thanks all of you so much! Thanks from the bottom of my heart! ありがとうございました

Taipei Medical University
6th year of medicine
Yen, Chi-Feng