MD Candidate, Samuel Barryさん研修レポート

Tulane University School of MedicineのMD Candidate, Samuel Barryくんが一か月間、名古屋大学医学部で実習を受けました。

Experience report

The ophthalmology department at Nagoya University Hospital is chaired by the brilliant and accomplished surgeon Dr. Hiroko Terasaki. I was honored by the opportunity to rotate at such a prestigious university, and the experience in the department surpassed my highest expectations. In addition to being leaders in the field of vitreoretinal surgery and research, the faculty are compassionate clinicians and doctors. As a student traveling from the United States, I was worried about not being able to speak Japanese. It was clear on the first day that there was no need to worry — the professors were incredibly gracious and spoke to me in English. In the operating room they explained the procedures, answered all of my questions, and even conducted the weekly Grand Rounds in English so that I could follow the presentations and be involved in the discussions. The faculty in the department are deeply committed to teaching, and during my rotation in Nagoya I learned even more about ophthalmology than any previous clerkship in medical school. I can’t thank Dr. Terasaki, Dr. Kaneko, Dr. Ueno, and all the professors, staff, residents, and students for making me feel so at home in the department. I know that the relationships I’ve made here will last a lifetime, and I’m honored to call these surgeons my future colleagues. I look forward to seeing everyone at international research conventions, and can’t wait to return to Japan in the future!

-Samuel Barry