Morten D. Krebsさん(コペンハーゲン大学)眼科研修

デンマークのコペンハーゲン大学の医学部生、Morten D. Krebsさんが2015.6.8-19に眼科研修しました。コペンハーゲン大学からは初めて名大に留学した学生さんです。柔道をしているから留学先に日本を選んだ、という日本通です。


Experience report – Departement of Ophthalmology at Nagoya University Hospital
Morten Dybdahl Krebs – University of Copenhagen
June 8th- 19th, 2015.

My name is Morten Krebs and I’m a 26 year old medical student from University of Copenhagen.
During the summer semester 2015 I was lucky to do a 3 month clinical clerkship at Nagoya University Hospital, including a two-week stay at Department of Ophthalmology.

The doctors at the department were all friendly and welcoming and had made a schedule for me which included participation in the Japanese 5th-grade students classes in ophthalmology – which were held in english for my fault. This was a great opportunity for me to see how the Japanese educational system works, and how Japanese student face the same difficulties in learning clinical medicine as Danish. Lessons included an introduction to eyes anatomy, physiology and clinical features of decease, a case-based lesson where different clinical cases were discussed, simulation training on VRmagic simulator practicing cataract surgery and vitrectomy, practicing micro suture under operating microscope and practicing slit lamp microscopy and indirect funduscopy on fellow students. One day I had the pleasure of following a doctor specialized in Retinopathy of Prematurity on her round at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Apart from the lessons I spent time in the OR, where I got time to see several procedures including vitrectomy in retinal detachment and macular decease. In the out-patient clinic I was introduced to the high-tech clinical equipment including different LASERs, OCTs and ERG and many others.

The department did their evening conferences in english so that I could hear the status of every patient, and see how the follow-up and supervision of younger doctors took place.

Also my stay at Nagoya university hospital gave me a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture, the Japanese health-care system, a introduction to the Japanese working environment and a short introduction to Japanese language.

I hope that this will open up for future exchange of medical students between University of Copenhagen and Nagoya University.


Watching vitreous surgery on a 3D monitor wearing special glasses with yound Japanese doctors.
With 名大眼科大学院生

Having lunch with Japanese doctors

Practicing cataract and vitreous surgery with a surgical simulator.


コペンハーゲン大学の医学部生、Morten Krebsです。
眼科研修は、眼組織の構造の理解に始まり、生理学、眼疾患の臨床的特徴、症例検討、眼科手術シミュレーターVR magicを用いた白内障・硝子体手術練習、顕微鏡下の縫合練習、細隙灯顕微鏡や眼底鏡による診察の練習などを行いました。また、新生児集中治療室での未熟児網膜症の回診も見学しました。